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Wanadoo ADSL v Windows XP problems

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I've not mentioned this before, thinking it could be caused by my ancient PC (4 yrs !) or a problem with the memory, or possibly the hard disk.

However, I've now talked to 3 others who have had the same problem with Wanadoo / Windows XP.

The problem seems to lie with the SAGEM high speed ADSL modem : it crashes on a regular basis (several times per day, for me). When it crashes the cursor freezes, and CTR / ALT / DEL has no effect.

I read on a French teckie site that SAGEM will have a patch to sort this. I'm worried about downloading their latest driver because my Wanadoo modem has a slightly different tech description to the normal SAGEM items.

Anyone know a bit more about this ?




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Hi Peter,

When I first set up  wanadoo adsl on my computer (win xp) I did a manual install to bypass all the wanadoo software, I downloaded the driver from the sagem site and installed the patch. I have never had any problems with it.

hope this helps.



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When I used to use the Wanadoo software (with a PSTN dial-up modem) the modem would “lock-up” every day of so (I never turn the computer off). I could still use it, just not hang-up (or dial with) the modem. When “restart windows” all sorts of internal processed were “locked-up “and I had to press the “end-now” buttons for them. The computer would then not switch-off but stay on “saving settings” for ages (till I used the power button).

I then stopped using the Wanadoo software (created a dial-up connection manually) and have had no problems since.

Not the identical problem to your own but possible that its related ?

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