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De-Bug Problem ???

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Each time I log on to the internet, before my ISP page finishes loading, I get a "Do you want to de-bug" message pop up. This has also started happening when trying to delete e-mails and read attachements. In my ignorance I have been clicking the "No" button and it goes away until the next time. If I in error, click the "Yes" button, a load of script (??**??) come on screen, which I am then able to delete. What does this all mean !!! Answers in words of one syllable please !!!

PS our computer is steam driven.
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These de-bugging messages are probably due to your internet explorer settings.  They are often caused  by small scripting errors on the web page you are opening, and although they are useful to IT professionals trying to de-bug (resolve) a problem, they are of no interest to you if everything is working OK for you and you have no other internet problems.

The easiest way to stop them appearing is to go to the tools menu in internet explorer, then open the Internet Options... dialog.  Hit the advanced tab, and the second section down is Browsing.  Are the Disable Script Debugging boxes checked?  If not then check them and all should run smoothly.

Hope this helps

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It's probably Javascript. OTOMH (as I use Linux) you can disable Javascript debugging (or completely) from Tools/Options or something like that.

Might also be worth checking you don't have Spyware or similar ; run Adaware and/or Spybot. It's possible there might be a page bodged into your home page or similar.

Incidentally, Cat, as an ex-Windows developer I can tell you that Microsoft messages are never of any use to IT Professionals, nor is tech support
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