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Webhosting recommendations ?

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I use hosteur.com for a couple of sites. I pay EUR 44 a year for hosting and .com domain name reg & DNS, and that is not the cheapest package possible with them. You get scripts, MySQL DBs etc.

So far, no problems. I recommend them.

As far as I'm aware Flash is just a .swf file hosted on the server, right? In which case no problem, you can upload what you like.
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As long as you don't mind Google Adsense type ads on the top of every page, www.netfirms.com will give you free hosting.

Both them and www.mm100.net will undercut USD 8 per month.

To get an idea of the difference, you can check these websites :

Netfirms free : http://mgs1970.netfirms.com

MM100 paid : http://www.the-languedoc-page.com

And most ISP's provide free hosting, but the URL may be a bit convuluted.



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I noticed some of the pricing was based on what software you could construct the site with, so I was concerned I may not be able to upload the site I have on disk. I'll have to check with the designers.

Hosteur is nicely priced, did you upload your site ? It's not (Hosteur) template based is it ? Didn't seem to be. Is the site management software only in French ?

Couldn't get the mm100net link to work and googling produced a porn link LOL. Like your place though, if I didn't have one myself I'd be squirming with envy.


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If your site is going to be on the large side i would reccommend yahoo. For $11 i get 2gb of disk space and 25 gb of data transfer per month ( still only using about 5gb per month) and the pages load fast. Plus 25 e-mail address for your domain name and a few other bits and bobs. You can use a ftp client to upload your site or your web browser. Plus you can upgrade individuals parts i.e data transfer of disk space.

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>Hosteur is nicely priced, did you upload your site ? It's not (Hosteur) template based is it ? Didn't seem to be. Is the >site management software only in French ?

I used FTP to upload my site, you are given a user/pass for that. I've also uploaded a few large MP4 files without a problem (nothing filthy!)

My sites are not based on templates just handwritten HTML. I suspect the site management tools are mostly in French but it didn't occur to me to check otherwise.

It is worth noting at this point that if you are running a .com business site targetting customers from one particular country it is very much worth your while hosting in that country. For example, mysite.com marketed to UK customers, host that in the UK. The reason why? The regional variants of the major search engines use where the physical servers are located as one major factor in which country index to place your site. So if you want to be highly ranked on Yahoo! UK, have the site hosted in the UK.

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[quote]I'm looking for the lowest monthly fee possible. I need to be able to upload a Flash design to the site, I don't want a template. The cheapest seem to be in the US at around $8/month.[/quote]

That seems rather a lot.

You can get free hosting, but you get lots of associated junk. Also cheap hosting may have bandwidth limitations, which may or may not be important to you.

There are quite a lot of hosting review sites, you could google for them.
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We use 123-reg.co.uk and have been very pleased with them.

The site hosting is £20 per year (inc VAT) and the domain name about another £10.

You get full FTP access to your area, CGI scripting, mail redirection or 10 pop mailboxes, online website stats, etc.

And considering they are so reasonable with price I was even more impressed with the support I received from them when I couldn't get my "contact us" script to work. A full set of instructions as to what to do and advice as to which script they recommend.

Cheers, Geoffrey
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Also worth considering is maybe any aspect of “you get what you pay for”. For example, if you pay “rock bottom” there may be a risk that you get “rock bottom service”. Thus, when things go down, you may not get them resolved with any sort of response time. When you need support (to e.g. resolve technical issues) you may end-up paying international premium rate call charges, etc.

Minimum cost per month might not always result in the lowest costs per year.

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Is the facility to search within your site a standard feature ? This will be essential to my site. When I compare different options this is never apparent, even in the FAQs. If not, is the 'code' pretty simple to write ?

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