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In english this would be the motherboard

  • The "heart" of your PC -- it handles system resources (IRQ lines, DMA channels, I/O locations), as well as core components like the CPU, and all system memory. It accepts expansion devices such as sound and network cards, and modems.

  • The main printed circuit board in a computer that carries the system buses. It is equipped with sockets to which all processors, memory modules, plug-in cards, daughterboards, or peripheral devices are connected.

  • The printed circuit board that is the foundation of the computer. This board contains a computer's CPU, RAM chips and expansion slots. The motherboard is where all of the computer's compenents meet.*

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    Mike, thanks for your reply and links. I couldn't find 'logic board' in the glossary links so does that mean I'm safe to assume they are both the same thing, but it just has 2 names to confuse non techie people like me!


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