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Wanadoo and modem

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Hi all, I'm asking for a friend who can't get on here at the mo (for reasons wot will become obvious)

Their modem is apparently not synchronising with their phone line. Wanadoo have sent a new modem, but this hasn't cured the problem. They say that the line is fine and sent the modem cos they thought this was faulty. they have a thompson one shaped like a mouse. 512k connection.

Anyone any ideas as they're at their wits end.

Many thanks
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Tried changing the ADSL filter?

Plug it into another phone point

Have all phone points in use got filters?

Have they played with the Encapsulation, VPI or VCI settings?

I dont use these standard modems so I cant help with the set-up of the modem itself - try re-booting everything maybe

Hope some of the above helps!

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Hi mike and thanks for replying.

They haven't touched any settings. I advised them to re-install everything and try another phone line. In fact if re-installing doesn't work, they're coming round to try it on my line (luckily it's a laptop!).

Will keep you posted.

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If your modem cannot get synchronisation, you can try calling France Telecom (dial 1013 and select internet (option 2 ?)). They can check you line and check your synchronisation state.

In my case I used to have loads of problems with intermittent synchronisation. In the end FT send an engineer round. He found that going round every socket in the house and cutting off the wires that were connected in the socket but were not actually used improved the signal strength/quality (as measured by FT) and things got much better. Not suggesting that this is your problem but FT might be able to help more than Wanadoo. (And they did not charge me for the visit despite the fact that it was inside the house).

Monday my ADSL line went again (no sync.) Called 1013, they checked, asked when they could send an engineer and at the earliest time I said the line just got better.

When FT test the line they tend to get you to start disconnecting things and reconnecting them (e.g. disconnect ADSL modem, power off ADSL modem disconnect everything (incl. “this phone” and they call you back, etc.) so they might do a more thorough check than Wanadoo.

Good luck


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By the way Mike, I looked at your site and all the text in the bottom half is waaaaaaayyyy over the rhs.

I tried searching for a possible domain name also and the search was taking forever!

Constructive criticism honestly!
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Ah yes IE on a MAC - needless to say that site dosent support it, Firefox is a far better browser - set it as default

At least now you know its not the line - Im afraid I dont use those modems - far better to get a generic ADSL modem - much more control for networking / firewall etc etc

You will just have to play with the settings, maybe compare with yours?

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Re the modem synchronisation - is the phone system quite old?  We had similar problems for ages and FT kept telling us the line checked out fine.  When I finally got an engineer to come out, he opened the socket and found that the line-testing device was giving false-positive readings - apparently a common problem with older phone systems.  Two seconds later we had a new device fitted and a perfectly synchronised modem.

Chrissie (81)

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Well, he went home very despondant.

If the line isn't at fault and the new modem is unlikely to be faulty again, why did it happen? I'd play with it but I know nothing about PCs.

Chrissie - I nearly missed your reply! Thanks, I'll tell him about that. Thanks all for your help.

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