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Internet without land line?

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Well when we first arrived in France I used my Laptop with a mobile phone (talking to a UK ISP) this is expensive and very slow (9.6Kbytes) but does keep you in touch with the rest of the world.

This is the only sensible way forward, other than using a two way satellite link which would be very expensive indeed. normally you would only uses satellite for the download and then your would need a phone line for the up link

hope this makes sence

best regards

Stu in the Lot
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If you can find a wireless hotspot near where you are, you could connect with a laptop equipped with a wireless network card.

I think this is a lot cheaper than using a mobile - faster too. And, if you're lucky, the hotspot might be in a decent cafe where you wouldn't mind hanging around anyway.

There's a website (can't remember the name) that lists all the known hotspots in France

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