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Buying second-hand TV aerial

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A curious one this. The vendors of the house which we are buying in the Gers (32), want to know if we wish to buy the TV aerial mounted on the roof. it is not a new or high tech model, just an ordinary tv aerial!

It seems very odd to ask for extra money for something which seems as part of the house as the chimney or the toilet, however maybe it is the norm. Do you know better?

we havent been quoted a price yet. Are the vendors trying it on or are we doing them a dis-service?


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I think it's par for the course for French folk to take anything that they can. I am surprised that they are asking because there will be cost or inconvenience to remove a fairly low value piece of kit. However, what you need to take into account is not the low value of a second hand TV aerial, but the cost you may encounter buying a new one and having it fitted. The old one is probably worth no more than a few euro's, but it may be worth offering more than that just to save yourself trouble.


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