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"and our other daughter works making her garments and also as said does art classes with children twice a week, if she didnt have that she couldnt survive long,"

MOAW, if your daughter relies on doing art classes to make ends meet, she won't be able to do this in France unless her French is very good. and maybe not even then, if the regulations say that she has to have a French teaching qualification. France is a minefield of bureaucracy and regulation and overseas qualifications are not automatically accepted.
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A lady I know who is Aide domicile to some elderly english friends, who has been married for many years,worked as this for many years and keeps a good house, had to go on a week's course last year........to learn how to iron and make beds to get a qualification to continue as aide domicile. Beggars belief but there it is, a good example of how paper qualifications rule here. She had an argument with course instructor who was ayoung thing in her 20's and unmarried so not used to making beds nor ironing for a large family!
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