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Weird AOL fault or is it just our computer?

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We have two numbers Tout Compris programmed into our AOL 7 software. 0860704444 and 0860880310. From time to time one of them will not dial. When you tell the thing to connect, having entered your password, you can hear the modem dialling normally. Frequently there is a problem connecting for one reason or another so the second number is dialled and you hear the tones. When the fault is there you don't hear the tones and it does not dial the second number.

Now I have tried reloading the AOL software, no effect. I have tried dialling the two numbers using my telephone software "Phone Tools". One number gets a response the other does not, in fact it won't even dial.

I have tried using a different version of AOL and that often works and seems to "cure" the fault as when going back to the original version the fault has gone, until the next time that is. So what the heck is going on? Is this a fault peculiar to our computer or have others had the same problem?..............John (Puzzled) not Jackie 

PS how do you get rid of this grey highlighting?

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