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Freeview TV last night

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I assume we're talking satellite free to air here ("freeview" as a term  is generally confined to the UK digital terrestrial TV service run by the BBC and others).

Anyway,  first step is to unplug the box,  wait for 30 secs or so,  plug it back in and wait for it to come back to life.  Chances are it's now working but if not post again!

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It could be a lot of things,  even a mains spike may have crashed the software.

A common time for it to happen is after a software download (they happen under the command of Sky if you have a Skybox- you don't normally notice anything),  or rather at the instant where the command is given to start using the new version.   Again,  a quick unplug does the trick.

This might be the moment to mention that the radio channels are all going to be re-numbered on Sky boxes probably in January.   You will need to get used to pressing 0 before a 3 digit number.   It seems likely that Radio 4 (for example) will become 0104.

So that'll be fun.

Wrap up well everyone.

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You're too kind!.   Seriously,  it makes up for the handful of people who ask for a bit of help,  and from whom nothing further is ever heard.   Feedback is nice,  not so much because one is angling for thanks,  but more to check whether the advice was correct.

But mostly people are great in this respect....

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