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Finding an Apartment in the north-west of Paris and other advice needed


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I am looking for an apartment in the Gennevilliers, Argenteuil, Epanay suburbs of Paris, starting late December or early January 2014.

My budget is up to euro 1000 / month, and I would like an apartment with either two large bedrooms, or one large and 2 small (sleep in one, another for a small office, and one for guests).

Is there a property website that collates all the available apartments for rent, from all the estate agents, in the same way that rightmove.co.uk does in the UK?

If there isn't a rightmove equivalent, does anyone have any tips for finding an apartment?

Is a budget of euro 1000 reasonable for what I want?

Some other advice needed:

What is French broadband like in the Paris area? I am getting 120MBps with VirginMedia here in the UK, are similar speeds available in the Paris area?

Do French landlords generally ban or allow satellite dishes on the balcony?

I have a 2 year + 1 year option work contract. Is that likely to be an issue?

Thanks for any advice


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