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Rentals with pet in SW France

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Firstly the area (Pyrenees Orientale) in which you're looking has a very varying climate throughout the year so a 3 month stay will not give you a 'taster', you really need to do a year. Likewise the cost of living is something you need to experience through the seasons. France is no longer a cheap place to live.

Three months will probably get you a Gite off season although my experience of this was not so good because Gites tend to be set up for the holiday season and often, for example, do not have adequate heating for the winter. Off season rental will of course be cheaper, any income is better than no income etc. for the owner. To rent outside this period will probably mean a small reduction in price for a three month stay but if the place is popular you would be expected to pay the full rate which won't be cheap.

If you take my (and others advice) and stay a year then a lot of the accommodation will be unfurnished although there is some furnished accommodation about. The place I would probably look as no doubt you need to do it online is Le Bon Coin.

Home Page - http://www.leboncoin.fr

Rentals in Languedoc Rousillon - http://www.leboncoin.fr/locations/offres/languedoc_roussillon/?f=a&th=1

You stand a much better chance of getting your dog accepted when renting long term (a year).

Hope that helps and welcome to the forum by the way.

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