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BBC interactive questions

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Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I've searched the forum without success.

I'm a novice as far as satellite tv is concerned, but I've installed a freeview satellite system in France using a Strong SRT4120 receiver bought in France. The signal strength and quality seem OK (85%, 70%), and I can receive all the freeview channels on the Lyngsat Astra list without problems.

I can receive the BBC interactive channels, but have no interactivity, for example, I can't select and view the different windows shown on the screen, the red button on my remote always returns the complete installed channel menu list. I have tried all the other likely buttons without success.

Is this due to the spec of the receiver? There's no mention of the MHEG standard in the spec. Am I correct in thinking that receivers with MHEG spec are more difficult to find in France and that I need this in order to use BBCi features? Or am I overlooking something more basic?

thanks in advance.


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The only way to get the BBC i thing is to get yourself an old sky box., you cannot get interactive BBC stuff like alternative snooker/tennis matches etc without a sky type box.  The French ones are no good for this, as you say the red button does not work.  You can however, see the interactive  screens,  they can be found on the channels that you get as "Streams". 
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Hi sc

Just a couple of points, you do not have freeview, you have a Free  To Air (FTA) satellite system, and as Ron points out you will need an SLY box for interactive screens, the box you have is NOT French but international, your box is sold all over the world in much the same way as your mobile phone is!

Is your dish a fixed dish ?

Did you know that if your dish is motorised you will get hundreds of channels including the French ones !!!

Bonne Chance

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Thanks for your help!

Yes, sorry, FTA. Most of the rest I'd sort of worked out, but I wondered if I was missing something basic.

We've watched French TV only for six years, we're not too fussed about having extra French channels, although we still always watch TF1 news at 8. The idea was to give our 17yr old daughter the opportunity to pick up some British culture from a source other than from us. Likelyhood is, sadly, the most noticable new cultural item she'll adopt will be the f-word, much more prevalent now on UK TV.


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