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Help! Winter or Long Term Rental in Brittany Before Dec 31st.

la belle vie

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Hello, We need an apartment or small house in Brittany so we can start/complete our France residency before Dec 31st.

Permanent or Winter rental - 2 people.

We are flexible:

1. Studio or T1/T2. Nov/Dec start time to at least April 2021. (This will give us time for the gov't to accept our paperwork and for us to find a more permanent place.

a. Furnish OR unfurnished.

b. Can be an out of season holiday rental as long as we have a contract and a utility in our name. (Then we can look for permanent place if you need to rent as holiday let after that).


2. T1/T2 or large Studio - Nov/Dec start time to at least Nov 2021.

Please, if you know of anyone, I'd appreciate it. Thank you, Samantha

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Just a couple of comments.

French rental law is tightly regulated.

A furnished residential let is for a minimum of 12 months (except students and maybe a few other special cases). The tenant can give notice and move out sooner but the contract cannot be issued for less than 12 months.

An unfurnished residential let is for a minimum of 3 years. As above the tenant can give notice earlier but the contract cannot be less than 3 years.

Holiday rentals are a different category. Holiday let contracts are for 3 months maximum. But I don't think it would be possible to start a holiday rental just now because France is in confinement and people are not allowed to go on holiday, so gite owners are not allowed to rent out their gites to visitors. There is no guarantee when these restrictions will be lifted, it was supposed to be early December but the infection rates aren't looking good.

Failing all else in the short term, I believe hotels are being accepted for residence application purposes, but even there I'm not sure how hotels are impacted by the rules on essential travel.

On another forum, a person had arranged a short term airbnb rental while he looked for somewhere more permanent, and when he arrived the owner offered to rent the house to him for a year on a residential contract. Maybe have a look on airbnb and see if you can spot an ad where the owner hints at the possibility of a long term let?.
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