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Has anyone used any of thesky tv engineers(?) who advertise in LF magazine for their tv setup in France? I hope to relocate to Pas de Calais next spring and am furiously trying to sort out my budget.[:)]

If so I would be grateful for any feedback, good or bad. If necessary PM me with your answers.



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If you want to save yourself a few hundred Euros the best advice we had was to dismantle your sky dish before you move to France(including all wires), remove your digi-box and keep your sky card in a safe place.  Set the whole thing up in France (as you would in the UK), climb into your attic/roof, look out of your window and see which direction all the dishes in your town/village are facing and aline your dish accordingly.  Switch on your TV (putting in your skycard), go to "settings" and it will show you the strength that the satellite is recieving, when it is to full strength sky comes on!  If you continue to pay your sky subscription to an address in the UK you will still receive all normal satellite programs (that you would normally subscribe to) however if you don't you will just receive "free view" ie.BBC 1, 2, ITV, Channel 4, 5 and a few others.  If this doesn't work, ask around - a good electrician (poss English) could also help.

Bon chance!


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One thing I would recommend from personal experience is to mount the dish on the ground. It makes setting up and fiddling around a breeze and you don't have to worry about falling off the roof.

Of course you could call out a competent satellite person but it isn't very difficult to do it youself.

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