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French subtitles

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I had a brainwave last night when I should have been sleeping - does TV in France have an equivalent of Teletext's page 888 in GB, which provides subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing?  I thought that hearing AND seeing the French simultaneously would be a good little learning tool.
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They do and on the programmes where it is available their equivalent is huit cent quatre vingt huit !

However I find that subtitling on French digital TV (TPS)  is even less frequent than on the analogue channels, oh and they use another page number  which I can't remember at present.

You will find that the subtitling on TV5 is often closer to what is being said on screen, than on the other channels.

PS If you want to really confuse yourself try watching an English language film on Arte with French subtitles.

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Jude watches telly with subtitles whenever it's offered.  It is not universal, but it does help comprehension of machine-gun pace dialogue and dodgy, mumbled accents.  If only some of our neighbours' heavily accented patois came with sous-titrage!

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