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Is there a good rent-through-the-post DVD scheme?

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I just tried to sign up to a UK DVD rental scheme only to find out in the small print that that they post to UK only. Does anyone know of a DVD rental scheme for English language films that will post to France? Or is there a French scheme with English language reviews and soundtrack? Regards Mick 

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Virtually all French DVDs of  American / UK films  will offer both dubbed and original language sound tracks , as well as French and English subtitles. So feel free to join a French service. Should give a quicker turn-round and less postage than sending things back to the UK.



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There appear to be at least three online rental companies in France (Amazon.fr don't seem to do it, unlike Amazon UK). I'm sure others will know more, if they're already in France and subscribe, but here's a comparison I found: Each website gives more details aout their various tariffs and schemes.


Tableaux de comparaison rapide :

 Nombre de DVD en locationLocation DVD XDélais de livraisonOffre promo

+ de 6 000

24h à 72h

- offre Mini à 1 euro le 1er mois
- offre à 17,99€ le 1er mois au lieu de 25,99

+ de 8 000
oui (2500 DVD X)

24h à 48h

1 lecteur DVD en cadeau (voir détails sur le site)

environ 4 600


offre 1 DVD à 9,95€ le 1er mois au lieu de 14,95


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[quote user="mickcooke"]Yes the problem is reading the review beforehand to decide what to buy if your French isn't that good (like mine) Spose I could read the reviews on an English language site and then order it on a French site - do you know of a good one?[/quote]

Try rottentomatoes or totalfilm for reviews.

I get all my movies off the net - you need broadband though....

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I use cinehome and get one dvd watch it send it back and get another one sent out from my list. its 14.95 a month, luckily i'm at home all day so can easily watch a dvd on the day/night it arrives and get it in the post the next day.

My french isn't too bad so I can use their site quite happily but I usually know what the names of the films I want are in english and then order them.  Be careful to check that they say english and french on the review page of the site though as a couple of the films they sent through were french only (i hadn't checked) I'm using them as a means to better my french and My lo (2yo) and I are plugging our way through noddy at the moment :O)


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