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Can you get Freeview in France?

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No, Freeview in Britain and TNT in France use the same system. OK, there is a very slight frequency difference, I believe, that means that some of the old UK boxes (e.g. ON Digital) may not be suitable for France, but any new one should work in either country as long as you connect to the TV via the scart sockets to overcome the anlalogue tuner differences. But Freeview is not available, not even if you can receive terrestrial signals from the Chennel Islands.

Freesat is the one you can get in France (http://www.freesatfromsky.co.uk/) though for licensing reasons you are not supposed to use Sky equipment outside Britain and Ireland.

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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]My understanding was that France uses DVB-H standard whereas UK uses  DVB-T  (soon to be DVB-TII ?) and so not compatible ??[/quote]

My understanding is that the French standard is backward-compatible to the UK one (so a UK box is useable in France, but not vise-versa). Isn't the difference in the bitrate? Or summat? Been a long time....

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