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Sky installation - Ch4 & 5 not even in the listings...?

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Sky is up and running but we don't get Ch4 or 5 in the listings at all.  If you skip through the channels it goes in sequence like this... bbc1(ch101), bbc2(ch102), itv1(ch103), sky1(ch106), sky2(107) etc.etc..  I know Ch4/5 are not FTV, but other encrypted channels appear in the listings, so why don't Ch4 & 5?  If I buy a FTV card will they suddenly appear, or will I have bought the card for nothing?!

I have installed Sky (with a big dish!) excellent signal strength and almost max signal quality.  I had the same  problem with installation elsewhere in France, but assumed it might have had something to do with the small dish and poor signal, so now I'm confused!

Any help appreciated as I'd rather not spend £20 on a card to find out that it does nothing!



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It's because whilst they are "free to air" channels they are still tied under contract to Sky, this means that you cannot get them yet on a FTA digital receiver so therefore you cannot receive them on a sky digibox without the card.

It is to receive these channels (and also because of the better channel guide) that I have switched from a digital FTA receiver to an old sky box which even with an old out of date card gets CH4 and CH5 but not without it.

Hope that explains it for you.

P.S. I believe that when the current contract expires the channels will be in the free listings.



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