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[quote user="Anton Redman"]I installed an on/off switch on the power cable for the sky box about 5 years ago must have saved me hours over the years guessing which cable was to the sky box and which went to the the TV,DVD,VCR etc.[/quote]

Fortunately mine is sitting on top of the TV at the moment, so it's a simple matter to reach round and pull the Telefunken mains plug out of the back. I've rebooted it 3 times now and each time the problem is cured and then reappears; works fine for a few minutes, then the remote seems to become unresponsive, requiring to get to within a foot or so of the box before the box's mimic lights up in response to a button press. Once it's worked, you can then retreat to the chair again.  How wierd is that ?

Tomorrow, in the daylight I'm going to hunt in the shed for a LW radio and check that the mimic on the remote is telling the truth and that it really is sending a signal to the box, I don't really think it's the remote though; that avenue is more properly in the straw-clutching department.

This isn't the first time that a software update has caused elderly Pace boxes to behave oddly (I suspect it's actually a patch, sent to cure some other problem, probably for a different model entirely!) : one update a few years ago had the effect that if you "simply pressed the red button" while watching a programme, it reset all the setup options to the manufacturer's defaults, with the result that the next time you accessed the TV guide there was that inane background music AGAIN !

Hope they fix it soon


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