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Can the X wife find me in France!!!!

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I remember once registering for a loyalty card.  When they registered me they said "There's one other person with your surname too."  Turned out it was my brother in law.  So much for info' security, what?  Most people leave an information trail if you know where to look.
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[quote user="Catalpa"]I want to know what Dotty said that had to be deleted. [:-))] Dotty used to be such a nice, well-mannered girl... [:P]

But more relevantly, if one is looking for a person thought to be in France, I think it used to be possible at www.infobel.fr to use "whole of France" as the location search criterion.

Oi, I still am

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Hello you lot,

Well it seems my first ever thread here, has got you all going. I plan to give you many more good and different topics (if I can).

I think the conclusion is.... anyone can hide in France, untraceable, so long as they are not on the wrong side of the law and get a pay as you go phone from Orange.Fr

This topic has worried my little swamp duck today. She is having me fitted with a chip in the neck next week, so she can see how fast i'm walking let alone where i am .. lol


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