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Nationwide where are you ?? (can't log on to the Nationwide web site ?)

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Have just arrived back from the UK and wanted to work on my internet banking. Tried logging on to  www.nationwide.co.uk  and came up with ' The page cannot be displayed ' and on subsequent attempts Orange stating I have typed the wrong address. 

I cleared all my cache and internet files and have tried today maybe 30+ times over about a 6 hour period, but I can't access the Nationwide website. We have an Orange ADSL connection which is incrediably stable and without problem, so far ... and using Windows 2000 Pro system.

I had logged on to this website many times in the last week as I had the day before while in the UK, and have checked many times that the address is correct. I phoned Nationwide to ask if there was an internet problem and was told that there wasn't and that the ISP in France (Orange) was the problem. By this time I had logged on to about another 15 UK websites, many of which reqired logging on, 2 were banks where I accessed accounts. All that was done without any problem at all and in some cases a little faster than usual. I tried to contact Orange but after hanging on for 35 minutes gave up.

I phoned my brother in the UK and asked him to access my account at the Nationwide which he did plus carried out the transfers that I needed. He said it all worked as smooth as silk. 

So the Nationwide web site is working ok (from the UK?), I can access all my other UK websites from France, but cannot get even the home page of the Nationwide from France .......   am I missing something ??

Thanks in advance, Jamie

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there could be a miriad of reasons.

But its possibly:

- your browser

- your pc

- your ISP, or more to the point, a name resolution issue. I couldn't access one site a few weeks ago and called a (nearby) friend with the same ISP and he had the same problem. Another friend with a different ISP did not.

I have both Micro$haft internet explorer & firefox. On various occasions if I have a problem with one, I test using the other. I would suggest you do the same.

For lack of anything elso to do, you could power off the whole lot. then switch on the modem, router (if you have one) then the pc, in that order.

You could also try creating another account on your computer and logging in as the new user. This removes any 'profile' issues associated with using your current (user) login id.

Its always a hit & miss affair with this sort of problem.


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Same again this morning, everything but  www.nationwide.co.uk

Switched all off yesterday evening and powered up this morning in the order above, but the same result.

The only difference in the current setup to 3 days ago in England is, the ISP and the modem that was supplied by Wanadoo plus accessing the internet from France. Everything else is identical including the same computer that operated correctly in England. No setting have been changed at all (except the location).

Thanks for the help and advice, I'll try some of the other ideas tonight.




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Out of curiosity I've just tried to access it too; same result!

I had a similar problem yesterday with Ryanair; it's OK today.

I can only suggest that you keep trying every couple of hours. It may be that major maintenance is taking place, but that would be unusual for such a big organisation as a bank and normally it would happen overnight.

How about giving them a ring to check? ... I bet you need access to the website to get phone number [blink]

I use www.telerabais.fr for cheap phonecalls to UK.


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[quote user="Suze"]I've heard that as a non-resident you can no longer use UK banking anymore and they have blocked all non-UK ISP's from accessing the sites, something to do with moneylaundering.

Accessing my UK account from France works OK.

Only joking !!!

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Funny enough an English chap round the corner phoned me in a panic, he can't get in either. He's on Orange/wanadoo.

I had got him to do the normal things and wondered if it is the orange/wanadoo software until I tried mine. I don't use any of their hardware or software and I can confirm I can't get in either so it must be between Orange/wanadoo and Nationwide.

I don't have an account with them fortunatly but if anyone else wants to try they might use the following link


If you can see it (from France of course) can you post and say which ISP you are using.

Actually I can't get in to their website full stop at the moment.

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I am on Wanadoo/Orange and have just changed my DNS Server to Neuf's and it works OK.

You will need to change the default settings in your IP properties to point to Neuf's DNS sever. Which is

Edit: I won't be held resposible for any problems you may encounter. It should be OK as it was posted to this forum some time ago.


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Now it's getting really odd.

Done a search in google on nationwide and use the results to try and get in - nothing.

Typed it in by hand - nothing

Tried cooperlola's link and it went in straight away and you can get to the current account page.

Re-booted PC and tried it again all OK.

Is this all a red herring or does it now work for others? I wonder if somebody has complained any they have reset their server?

Very strange but if I had my money with Nationwide I would have been panicing there for a bit I can tell you.

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[quote user="Quillan"]

Very strange but if I had my money with Nationwide I would have been panicing there for a bit I can tell you.


You only need to panic when the card stops working![:-))]

All seems to be well now via Orange but it was iffy earlier.

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I had problems accessing a few sites today (including the France Rental site) but by closing IE7 and restarting my ISP internet connection (Alice/Tiscali) I was able to access everything OK afterwards.  This may have been due to a few things, firstly I was using a lot of IE7 tabs, and with more than about 6 or 7 tabs the performance really starts to suffer and some sites take a very long time to load, seeming to freeze.  This may be due to a phishing filter bug that causes problems accessing websites that use a lot of frames, that Microsoft now has a fix for, http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/928089  or it could have been a specific service provider problem, although from other mails it seems like Wanadoo users are the ones who are suffering the most. 

Another thing that might cause problems is a suspected memory leak in IE7, again only really a problem if multiple tabs are in use

Often just closing the browser and reopening, or restarting the computer will solve the problem, as this clears the memory cache

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