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Freebox Wi-Fi configuration

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I have had ADSL since November and I ordered a Wi-Fi card at the same time as the Freebox from free.fr.  I now wish to configure the box. Now although I speak reasonable French, for my age I have more trouble reading anything technical that has to be exact. The details are on the Free.fr web site but I'm sure I will get it wrong.

I have load the software on my laptop for the Belkin Wireless G Notebook card.

Can anyone give  me a breakdown 'idiot board' for configuring the box?


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To configure your Freebox.

Go to www.free.fr

Click into Espace abonnés

Enter your Identifiant and mot de passe (phone number and password)

Go to the box bottom right marked FONCTIONNALITÉS OPTIONNELLES

Click into Fonctionnalitiés de la Freebox (Wifi)

Click into Fonction Wifi: configurer

Click the box at the top marked Activer

Enter a name for your wifi (anything at all) (matchless?)

Click on WEP

Either enter a key (password) or click générer and one will be generated for you.

Write down the name you gave your wifi and the key provided you will need these later.

Click Envoyer and that's it.

Switch off your Freebox at the mains, insert the card and switch on again. With a bit of luck it will work - I just could not get the Belkin card to work but it works well on any laptop with built in wifi. When the laptop picks up the wifi enter the key and that should be you.

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Belkin wifi stuff sometimes has a little problem.  It works absolutley brilliantly with other Belkin kit but will sometimes stubbonly refuse to talk to other makes of kit.  Not always and you could be OK.  After all, Freebox don't actually make their boxes and may source their chips from the same place as Belkin.  I tend to use Netgear these days.
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Thank you Leslauriers,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I'll try to give it a go and hope for the best.  The laptop I have is a four year old Compaq M300 with a new Belkin card so I hope that end will work.

I'll try it later.

Thank you once again.


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