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xbox 360 in France

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Hi all,

I am wanting to know how much could I expect to pay for an xbox 360 core system in France or Andora, I have tried searching from the UK

but am at my witts end trying to get answersDevil [6], Any information will greatly be appriciated.Big Smile [:D]

Thanks in advance


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they are or were when i got mine between 350 to 400 euros with about an extra 100 euros for the extra hardrive memory thing, saw an excellent seat with integrated speakers for 160 euro at xmas was going to get it for the xbox but i hardly ever use it since ive moved so it would have been a bit extravagant games are between 35 and 70euros each new but can be got second hand but still stay reasonably expensive. you will have to go to the bigger towns to find shops specialising in second hand games and equipment but most supermarkets sell new boxes games and add ons hope this helps
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