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Hi Danny,


Arrived to find the slips awaiting to uplift boxes from Post Office.  No problems there!  Got home, plugged everything in - and voila - didn't work!  Surprise suprise.  Of course, whole book in French.  So, call to my friend who has a son aged 14.  You know what these kids are like nowadays - computing - no problem.  Here for an hour - couldn't get through on the helpline number - couldn't get signal from freebox - left - with advice - I'll get Technician to call.


Lovely guy (Gerard) arrived at time stated - "No Problem".  Few minutes will install - NOT.


3 hours later - problem found - fax machine not compatible with line etc.  When the fax is plugged in - ADSL goes off - unplug fax and VOILA!!!!!!!!! up and running.


Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow with filters so the problem should be sorted at last.  Cost of 95 euros so far but I can now pay 157 salaries tomorrow - therefore 157 happy people and one VERY RELIEVED person.


Thanks again for all your advice and no doubt you could have helped me IF I had been able to get online to ask you.






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