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We signed up for the de-group neuf package. We get free calls to the uk and France, 512 meg internet access. We have been very happy with the service and a seamless changeover from orange.

We do however have a problem sometimes , we loose the phone line and internet connection , not always at the same time ????

it can be off for 10 mins or 5 hrs. There seems to be no pattern.

can anyone help.

We wondered if there could be a fault in the Neuf box itself, or the phone line is bad from the exchange. (We can't recieve TV)



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Yes check the filters first then possibly an overheating router.  Check to see if the router or power supply are getting hot (not just warm but hot) This will cause it to trip out until cooled.  Also allow a free flow of air around router/power supply.  Whilst safe, they do need a little airflow, not jammed down behind something or under a pile of paper.
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of the three people who have ADSL in the village,  all three suffer the same problems as you describe on a regular basis.   We have Club Internet,  and some friends who have just gone for Alice and cancelled their France Telecom abonnement have now had to go and purchase a mobile phone for emergency use.

I think it's just the way it is,  particularly if like us you are some distance from the exchange.

Sometimes a depower will get it working again.

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After ADSL became available in our area, we suffered a lot of noise on the internet line, causing the connection to cut off every few seconds.

This went on for weeks and as it was not noticeable on telephone lines, FT refused to investigate.

My ISP at the time (Alice) were adamant there was no problem and kept blanking my requests by blaming my (new) laptop, FT and anything in between. The fact that everything had been working perfectly up o that time was not relevant.

After I had the laptop checked over, it eventually transpired that FT engineers were in the process of upgrading various cables in the area and could not / would not officially say so as it would have invited claims for line dysfunction.

The problem lasted about 10 weeks and disappeared as suddenly as it had started. By that time, I had changed ISP and gone over to ADSL.

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I fixed a similar problem over the weekend.  OK it was in the UK and the ISP was Talk-Talk but in principle it was the same.  This lady had been going along just fine (with Talk-Talk that's a amazing in itself) but now the connection was unreliable and cutting out as described above.  So, what had changed? 'Nothing at all' 


'No nothing, I just got a wireless router that's all'

a wireless router eh? anything else?

'No absolutely not, just ran a telephone extension lead from the old socket to the study'

So from 'no changes' we had gone to a new router and extention leads in 2 sentences.

Oh well, that made it easy, the router was fine but they don't like being on the end of extentions. Always make sure routers (wired or wireless) are plugged into the main phone socket where it comes into the house.  Afterall, this was a wireless so it didn't matter where in the house it was (that was a concept I had trouble getting over - no it doesn't have to be in the same room, it's wireless see?) A quick bit of unplugging/plugging in again and sweet as a nut

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I can certainly go along with your last paragraph. The telecom company technicians who came to install our wireless adsl were initially very insistent that the router had to go in the room that the pc was in !!!!!. They had to be "persuaded" to install the router in the kitchen (where the phone line comes into the house) and did not seem totally convinced that wireless meant exactly that.

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I've been having trouble with Neuf for months and months.  Lost it again all day Friday and Sat.  Same as you - the telephone line cuts out and so no internet - nothing. My heart sinks when I see the tel light out on the Neuf box. Also get the 'engaged' tone.  I have to use my mobile to speak to the help desk who then disregard my statement that there no telephone working.  Nothing gets resolved.  I've e-mailed them several times complaining and wonder of wonders the line comes back on!  Could be a coincidence I suppose.  It hasn't been too bad this month - only been off a few times.  Could it be weather related as it's now raining hard here?

I'm so fed up being cut off that I'm considering going back to France Telecom - at least I can go to the shop and complain in person!

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Me again!

Having still had problems with Neuf disconnecting I found that whenever I try to access Neuf's new Meteo site (from their home site under 'pratique') my Neuf box cuts out immediately.  It came back later but I'm wondering if this is something to do with my disconnection problems.  This site connects to a video.  I haven't tried calling the help line as I  have found them useless.  Looking at the justneuf website it seems there are many dissatisfied customers.

Anyone else having a problem with Neuf?

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Interesting response Pierre ZFP. I have an ADSL router with WiFi card attached running 5 desk tops and 2 PDA's and the router is attached to a 20 metre extension from the main FT Master socket.

Degroup test have determined that I should receive circa 700kbps bandwidth and I receive exactly that - more or less. [;-)]

As I connect the router to my PC via Ethernet cable would it not be very difficult for me to have my router beside the master socket while my Host PC on the network is based some 20 metres away.

The other thing that people should consdier is that the WiFi signal deteriorates over distance and especially when trying to work its way through 500 mm thick stone walls.

I'd be interested to hear if you can encourage any additional bandwidth out of my set up as uploading GBs of images for web pages and for clients is tough going at 700kbps. Any thoughts gratefully received. [:)]

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The Neuf box does weird things round here.

I have tele2 and measure 2mbs download but 3 of my neighbours with neuf only get 512k

We plugged in a regular cegetel modem in their lines and measured 2mbs

It seems the neuf box as well as being noisy is also capping bandwith.

This is a bit cheeky considering they sell it as 2mbs.

Whats going on?

Neuf setup was faster and easier than tele2 but now I have a very reliable, silent, fast service but my neighbours don't.

DON'T GET NEUF....in my opinion



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