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panasonic sat receiver

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I have a couple of panasonic sat receivers model tudsb31 and find that they will not take a forced dowload of the software update from astra 2.

I have been told that this is due to the software being too many versions out of date.Knowing that the french sat receivers can be updated via the rs232 port has anyone any idea if the panasonic can be updated this way.I find that none of the other models of panasonic receiver suffer from this problem.[8-)]

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I wonder what makes you think that they need a software download? However, I've done a search and a few others who have had problems with this model have done the  following:-

Using remote control - Press Services, 4, 6.
If "Transport Stream" says 07d4 then -
press Services, 4, 0, 1, select. Should take you to "Installer Set Up".
Press 6 for "New installation", then press select twice & you should get "Astra scan now scanning, please wait".
After a minute or so you should get "Channel line up complete" - Press SKY.


Don't know whether this will help.


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The receiver will need a software update because it currently has version 3.1a.5 which results in no radio at all and non of the usual functions operate such as channel up and down ,no epg and only bbc 1.

Thanks for your suggestion though, I havn't tried that option so I will let you know how it goes. 

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thanks for the replies but sorry to report tim that the new installation procedure which you suggested didn't work.

one of the receivers has version 2.8b which is from before the new card with the yellow house.

I have emailed panasonic and they just don't reply,even after a phone call ,and being told that my query would be passed on to the technical dept ,Igot nothing.

as I say this is only a problem with the model 31 and if this model is left connected it will take the automatic updates but must not be left disconnected too long.

please let me know if you hear of any other possible solutions.

regarding the rs232 port ,i am sure that during manufacture the software will be loaded through this port,some of the french sat receivers can be connected together and software transferred between receivers, but no doubt the communication software is pre loaded in each receiver menu.

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