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PC Doctor needed !!

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Hi everyone

Can anyone help with a tricky computer problem ? The story so far :  The hard disk packed up, so I replaced it. Set it up on the BIOS, re-installed XP and now all works again. Only problem I have is with the internal 56k dial up modem. It no longer dials, but displays a message saying the modem is not connected. I did not have the original driver for it so used a generic one from the OS. I had to set up the connection again, put in dial up number ( Orange ) name and password but nothing. Have I missed doing something ?

Cant use someone elses Computer for internet forever !

Thanks to all

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Check to see if it has installed correctly right click my computer then go to properties then device manager. If is not installed it will have either a red X or a yellow ! next to it. If it looks OK check the orange seting that it is looking at the modem and not the networkcard. This is in the configuration setting. But I would say its the modem driver.


hope this helps


the Computer Bloke



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Internal modem may be one of the 'soft modems' needing special drivers. Have you been to your manufacturers site to try to get an original driver? Otherwise  you may have to use an external device on a serial port (or port replicator if no serial ports)
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