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Free to Air TV

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When you say 'just the job' I'm not sure what you mean - you don't need to have anything to do with the Sky mob to get FTA satellite channels. Almost any digital satellite receiver will 'do the job' - even those on sale in the French Bricos.


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Yes - most come pre-tuned to European services - but can be tuned to the UK - I've got a couple here - different makes - they all vary a bit, but I've yet to come across one I've not been able to get working yet - assuming it's connected to a properly aligned dish.

Can I assume that you know the difference between one of the 'FTA' boxes and a Sky digi box? If you are not sure, let me know.

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Hi Richard

Will They receive UK tv? ........Yes they do same as any standard Digital satellite receiver, you will find most of them made in the far east some as your TV at home Sony, Toshiba, sadly whatever all made in the far east, probably China.

You will get you the All BBC Channels, ITV, plus all the other FTA (NOT FTV ie. Channel 4 & 5 or any sly channels) mind you the feeling is they will go FTA next year well maybe

All the above on Astra 28.2 East

Any problems or questions just ask

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Richard you can buy a simaluar system in France for €60/70 quite a bit cheaper or buy a Technomate TM 1000 Super (Better quality) from Spectrum www.spectrum-skytv.co.uk/ 

£50 plus a 80cm Dish and bracket a lnb some quality Coax cable for Satellite Receiver (this depend on where you site your dish and receiver) you can always buy the dish etc. in France once you know how much cable you require.......remember the dish does not have to be on the roof but you do need a CLEAR (no buildings or branches or trees) sight to the SOUTH.


All the Best



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