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Classic FM TV?

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According to its web site Classic FM TV is 'evolving' and it still appears to be available on line - though I couldn't get anything when I tried. It seems that its owners have started a new channel, called O Music (Sky 359) in its place. Apparently this will have much the same general content, though as I am typing this there is a funky version of a Bizet aria playing. Rather good in my opinion, but will probably have the Classic FM diehards rushing for their green biros. All is fine and dandy though, because it's been followed by a 'straight' (albeit rather Richard Clayderman-like) version of Rachmaninoff 2.
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I read elsewhere that the Sky EPG really has run out of space this time (at least as far as the early Sky boxes are concerned,  which in this context is what counts).

So for the moment we can expect to see a lot of jockeying for places on the Sky EPG guide,   whilst "other" channels will either remain or join the Astra 2 cluster,  but without being listed on the Sky EPG.

Maybe that's another reason why freesat (from the BBC and ITV) may be a winner if their boxes can "show" ALL the FTA channels on "their" EPG whilst some continue to remain "hidden" on a Sky box.

Fridgeman will agree with me that Sky boxes (whilst good on some counts) are not the Be All and End All amongst STB's.

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