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Alternative "English" ISP

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[quote user="Cathy"]

Wooly - are you a male or a female?



Dunno. Does it matter? I'll have to find a mirror first and tell you later.

I take it that being called Cathy you'm is a gel? Don u say 'v cawrse coz it aint obveeyus these dayz. Why, down Zummerzet way we got them uz caaant tell neither wats what. [6]

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[quote user="Kalyn Computers"]This is NOT an English based ISP! Look at the carefully and you will see that they are actually a French company[/quote]I agree it is a repackage but if you look at their APPLICATION form it's based in Guildford, as to what that means in practice your guess is as good as mine [:)]
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The choice is between Ernie or Cathy it seems. Well, I am far to modest to make suggestions but.....[6]

In general I think it is only worth trusting ISP's who have a certain reputation and or track record or after you have done a load of research. Otherwise you end up with a binding contract and a headache.

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[quote user="ErnieY"]

Anybody know anything about THIS outfit ?

Based in UK there shouldn't be any complaints about poor english speakers, but then again [Www]


if you Google the agents number 0x5x2x1x3x you will arrive at: http://www.xxxxxxx.com/en/france/business/50300/xxxxxxxx

also:  The

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Company Tel:0x5x2x1x6x

xxxxxxxxxxxx Ordinateurs -Repairs, Computer Sales, Callouts Home or Business

Phone XXXX 0x5x2x1x6x Mobile 0x3x5x0x1x Fax 0x2x1x2x4x

Web site www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com email [email protected]

Contact details edited by a moderator.

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