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ISP Suggestions for good relaible service...(FT/Orange?)

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Tele2 have finally annoyed me to the point of leaving (we have both telephone & Internet with them) current problem being that I can no longer call my parents on their home phone number - tho it works to every other number in the UK - Tele2 blame FT, FT blame Tele2 - so getting nowhere...and at the point of telling them to get lost.  Their Internet service is also up and down like a yoyo, plus we get a 2Mbps download but only a pitiful 128k upload (Tele2 inisiting that is the best we can get without being degroupé) whereas FT will offer 18Mbps / 800kbps.  But I'd rather not jump out of the Frying Pan! 

When we were on FT, I've found them really helpful both in terms of setting up the line, sorting out problems and cancelling the line in our old house and were very good when I've contacted them about setting up my parents phone and sorting out problems there - their engineer turned up next day and spent all morning putting in a new cable right down the street!  but I don't have any experience of their Internet service.

So.....does anyone know if their Internet service is relaible, as I do need a relaible service.

Many thanks,


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I had Wanadoo (Now Orange) the Internet branch of FT for 10 years, and they were reasonably reliable, but expensive.

I would personally be loath to touch them again after the difficulties they made when I wanted to change to Free, but that is the commercial, not the technical side.

If you are not in a Zone dégroupé it may be worth your while, as I think they are possibly a bit more reliable than others.

The helpline on the other hand is a disaster. They take ages to answer, and cut you off in mid-call after 30 mins even if the matter isn't settled. I had some experience trying to help another Brit who was being accused of spamming from his email address, but who in fact I suspect had got a bug.

In the end we had to open a gmail account for him, and just not use the Orange address.

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 I have FT/Orange and a live box.............it works when it feels like it ...get loads messages re connection and contact ISP etc ...then it will work fine next time I go to use it ....Phoned the English speaking help desk to discuss my problems and was asked by the woman who answered "Why are you  tehephoning me "?  ....when the contract expires I feel like having a party and a ceremonial burning of the live box ...they are getting dumped ....
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