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HD TV in France?

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Does anyone know if France is currently broadcasting (or planning to release) a free to air HD TV service via TNT?

I have to say that some of the images on the TNT arte channel are bloody superb already, but still, I'd like to try HD without having to spend a fortune buying a HD DVD/Bluray player!

Also, are they planning on shutting down analogue TV like in the UK so they can make a fortune selling off the free'd-up spectrum?



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As to HD on TNT I don't know for certain,   but the (at present) unused multiplex (R5) is earmarked for use with MPEG 4 which might suggest that it's crossed someone's mind.

Yes,  analogue TV will be shut down by the end of 2011 (I think it is);   I suspect that the motives for so doing will be more "caché'd" than in the UK.   The ITU allocates eight frequencies to each main UHF site,   I'll look into it and see what  I can find out.

I would certainly doubt that the French would be as keen to discard broadcast frequencies - they hung onto Band III which has stood them in good stead for the arrival of more-future-proofed digital radio.

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