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Hi Carol,

I am not Tim but...

with a free to air Sat receiver, you can receive all BBC TV and radio and ITV but not (for the timebeing) Ch4 and Ch5. The dish you use must be pointed at the correct Satellite.

If you want to have all the Normal UK channels, you need a skybox and card etc.

There are oodles of threads on here about this if you want to have search


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Hi Carol - this is Tim!! Danny is quite correct - I've helped out quite a few people get these Free to Air boxes going over here. There are quite a few different ones available from various places, so I can't speak for them all, but so far, they've all got the FTA channels ok.

I think the easiest way to set one up is to use a dish that already on the correct satellite, if possible. Alot of these boxes don't come with the UKs channels 'pre-loaded' and if you've not done anything like this before it will be make things simpler. Also the channels are not automatically put in their correct positions - e.g. BBC1 on channel 1 etc, so it can take a little time to set it up the way you would like.

What Danny said about Channel 4 & 5 is also quite correct, although there is a strong feeling in the satellite industry that Channel 4 may go FTA fairly soon. This because for some time now, the BBC have been trying to get a Freesat system up and running. The idea behind this, I believe, is to get some of the same channels on satellite that are available on the terrestrial Freeview in the UK. They got ITV to join in a couple of years ago and it's hoped a few others will follow. We will see.

Good luck - if you need any more info come back on here and we will try to help.


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