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It's perhaps worth stressing (again) that in terms of what you can watch in France on exisiting equipment there will be no discernible difference,  at least not initially.

The main boon will be that a new generation of non-Sky receivers will at last offer a sensible comprehensive electronic programme guide,  instead of a basic "now and next" display.    Up to now only Sky boxes have shown the full information.

However,   "politically" thre are high hopes that this move will finally convince the public of the invalidness of the Sky-peddled equation that "satellite=Sky".    It is to be hoped that ch 4 will indeed join the package (by simply abandonning Sky's fetters and dumping their encryption at the end of their contract) although it is still not officially definite.  

If things go according to plan then this service will be as simple to use as Freeview in the UK (ie TV via UHF digital terrestrial) - although sat dish installation is not quite as easy perhaps.   It also means that HD TV will be available more easily,  and without the need for a Sky box and subscription   (it is already via BBC HD,   but do you know anyone who's actually gone out and bought a non-Sky HD box??!!).

It's really good news,   because although Sky run an operation that for many people is satisfactory,  their rhetoric has never been entirely transparent and it's cost folk money that in some cases was not necessary,  as Sky have peddled the idea that if you want satellite then it has to be via Sky.

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Having looked at the (very bright blue) Freesat site, does " Channel 4, Channel 4 HD, E4 and More4 will be

joining Freesat as soon as its contract expires with Sky in October

2008" mean that C4 will no longer be available on Sky after that time?  If that's the case, how would we be able to pick it up here in France bearing in mind we have a Sky box/card?

Thanks in anticipation.

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So, I followed JayJay's link and note that "The Freesat platform is to use Eurobird 1 .... for its EPG and other services" and also that "There are no plans by BBC or ITV to change satellite, broadcasts will continue from Astra 2D".  So, will BBC/ITV be on Freesat on Eurobird 1 or not?  Or do we have to monitor both sats to get the full service?  I'm sure Freesat will make all clear once it goes live but, in the meantime, can anyone explain?
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