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boosting a wifi signal

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We have an Orange Livebox, a PC and a laptop. Our broadband speed is only 512mb. The internal walls in our house are over a foot thick and we need some sort of booster to be able to use the laptop any distance from the base. We would also like our gite guests to be able to use their laptops without having to sit in our kitchen!


I have looked online but there seem to be a huge array of gadgets on the market; can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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This has been covered a few times before on here, just use the search function.

In the mean time height is your friend when it comes to WiFi. Get you router as high as possible and the signal will usually improve. We too have thick stone walls, my router is in the loft above the 'office' and I can use my laptop anywhere both indoors and in the garden.


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