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Satellite Installation in 24

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Hi All,


I sourced all my satellite equipment and installed it myself but ran out of time to align the dish unfortunately as I was on borrowed ladders. I do know that the system works at least as it picked up the network ID and correct transport stream with the channels on screen when I tested it before attaching to the wall.


I'm therefore looking for a person or company to complete the alignment for me so if anyone offers this service please do feel free to get in contact with a quote or if anyone knows of a company that can provide this service please can they provide me with details so I can get in touch with them.



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Well you can do it with a compass or even without using those tuning strength/quality bars in the Sky menu but for the best reliable in all weathers picture you really need a professional meter (not necessarily a professional working it). Setting the dish is straightforward but setting the LNB skew if not so, as you need to get the best compromise between v and h quality. I don't know how you do that without a meter.

A good meter is also very handy if you are going for the 13° or 19° sats as they are (obviously) close together. A good meter will tell you which one your looking at before you come down the ladder.

Good blog Bob

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