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is sky getting worried by freesat ?

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Dont wish this to sound unkind, but I guess its only ignorance that people are still paying subscriptions to sky, or buying the other boxes, freesat etc.

There is more TV for free than you could ever watch ! Just a dish and decoder thats it.

To be fair, the one area which is lacking is free sport channels in english, but no big deal, BBC & ITV show the important stuff, and with Channel 4 now fta, the racegoers are happy Saturday afternoons.

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Not specifically France yet,but I've read that they've been used in other parts of Europe with no problems - there shouldn't be any problems anyway - the technology of receiving satellite signals is tried and tested. The only problems I've read about so far is mainly about uneducated shop staff being told that they must sell a dish installation along with the box, as I wrote about on another thread. Apparentely this has been brought to the attention of freesat and Trading standards in the UK.


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NR, I bought a year's sub for Setanta for my OH as part of his Christmas present.

IMO, well worth it.

My son also gets a great deal of pleasure from it and every so often they both invite friend's who support a mixture of clubs over to watch a match and the craic is 90! 

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