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removing info from P.C.

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Deleting files using the Recycle bin doesnt actually delete them, and they can be easily recovered, if you want permenant and actual deletion you need a little piece of software like Data Nuker, and does exactly what the name implies, basically the files are destroyed as the program overwrites the disc space with a series of 0's and 1's, binary code which is the basis of computer function.

I mention this since if you want to delete sensitive information this is the only way to be sure its gone and cannot be recovered, well by mere mortals anyway :)

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[quote user="Nige"]If you format the drive and reinsatll the OS make sure that you have all the drives otherwise you could end up with more problems than you bargined for.[/quote]

Thanking you

                      There is no way that i go down that road,

                                                                                    Pressing the on/off button is the limit of my P.C. care and maintenance.

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