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type of satellite dish needed in North Dordogne

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Size matters!

Get a big one - 80cms and use your exisitng LNB. You can set them up using the signal test facility on the sky box but it takes a little patience. Signal quality is more important than signal strength and get the right satellite stream, for Sky you need transport stream 07d4.

The dishes are not expensive and most come with a universal LNB.

Set up right it won't drop out.

Good luck


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sorry to be a pain,  but ive bought a secondhand skr reciver and have no dish or LNB, i thought all i would need to do is buy a dish and that LNB thingy would be on it? do i need to mix and match?

sorry im being blonde!  anyone have a link to exactly what i need to buy?  help im a techno phobe!!

sorry agian,

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Just go off to your local Brico shed and get any old 80cm dish and a universal LNB (thingy) and connect it up with good quality satellite cable and the proper 'F' connectors.  Should get the whole lot for +/- 30 euros and it will work fine with your sky box.  I would also advise splashing out 15 euros for a satellite finder, can save a lot of heartache and frustration.

You can get away with a 60 cm dish (I have used a 45 cm dish successfully in the Lot) but since there's no difference in price why not go for the bigger one and get a better signal

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