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Moving a family of 4 to France

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Taking the OP at face value... [Www]

For a successful family move at this time, fluency in French is the top requirement. Confirmed jobs on CDI contracts come close second.

Get yourselves confirmed employment. Yes, I know, Brexit and Coronavirus are obstacles but even without them, moving countries with a family is always going to be a challenge and far more expensive than you budgeted for.

When you've got confirmed, permanent jobs to come to, that's your entry into the health system, it informs your location choice (avoid buying a renovation money pit) and from then on, Bob's your oncle.

At the time of a global pandemic when we have no idea how the travel and tourism industry is going to regenerate, put any thoughts of running gîtes, b&bs, etc, out of your mind.

Be honest with yourself about why you're moving. If getting out / getting away from the UK features anywhere in your thinking, find a nicer place in the UK to live - and work. Post-pandemic, there will be horrendous unemployment problems across Europe. If you have the right to live and work in Britain, is it wise to disadvantage yourselves by moving now? Wait until the effects of the double whammy of Brexit and Coronavirus are a little more clear and then reassess your plans from a position of knowledge.

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WHY don't you know where to start? Beats me.

You are on the Internet, information highway.

And in the olde days when I moved, I contacted the french embassy, they will know exactly what you need to do AND prove in order to live in France.

One of my first questions when I came on this board

twenty odd years ago, having already lived in France for almost twenty years by then, was why so many posters were moving to France or were so desperate to do so. And I still don't get it.

And lots moved to France and an awful lot moved back. We always planned on moving back upon retirement and that is what we did.

Take it your 4 people includes kids. The french education system, well until I have real proof that it has improved RADICALLY I would not recommend it . And it does work for 'some', that I cannot deny that.

We moved back to England 12 years ago, different life yes it' s a different country, our cost of living is certainly lower here. But our life style is just fine here, absolutely fine and it was in France too, because if it had not been we would have left.

If you have jobs in place your employer will likely help you. But IF you really want to make this move, learn french.

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