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Film 4, channel 5 etc.

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Can anyone throw any light on this problem?I can receive Film 4 etc during the day( in Vaucluse) but not at night...when the picture breaks down.I have a 60cm dish and can receive BBC channels. I assume that different Astra satelittes are being used...but why the night time problems. I have tried a signal booster but to no avail. Any thoughts.


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Hi Richard

You do not say whether you have a sly box or a fta box but whatever you have you are doing well with a 60 cm dish imo you need a 80 cm dish, signal boosters are a waste of money, someone (Hi Martin where are you) a lot more technical than me will be able to explain why, a bigger dish will solve your problem.



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Film 4 on  sky ? good.

I have a sky receiver and a BBC freeview card (which I use for ITV,ch.5 and 4 etc. but which is due for renewal in a fortnight).

Will I be able to  view Film4   and if so  what are its parameters  ?

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@  danglar:  Has been,  free to air,  for a couple of years.

If you have a Sky receiver then it should be on channel 315,  with the + 1 hr version on 316.

Shouldn't even need the card in.

@  OP - the strength of signals off satellite do vary during the day,  and I suspect (as Fridgeman says) that 60 cm is getting a little bit borderline for SE France for Astra 2D (on which Film 4 resides,  and which has a tighter focus on the UK than the other Astra 2 series).

Either your dish needs a tweak (very small  amount),  or the skew of the LNB might need to be optimised for Film 4,  or you might need to go to an 80 cms dish,  which can be had very cheaply from a Bricowhatever.

If you do tweak,  make sure you mark the current position accurately so that you can row back.   The adjustments will be miniscule otherwise you risk making things worse...

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