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Annoying phone calls

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The day after our France Telecom phone line was installed we got a call asking if we want Neuf internet, the next day it was cheap electricity.  A French friend told me you have to pay so as not to have your number given out; we were not offered the choice. Don't they have Data Protection law in France?

We were ex directory in the UK and I hate these calls. My husband can't understand what they are saying, he speaks some French but not on the phone, and doesn't know whether they are cold callers or something important.  I asked one frozen food supplier where he got my number and he said he didn't know.



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Copied from an old thread...

Assuming you are with France Telecom:

There are several free services which can be taken up from the FT website: http://www.agence.francetelecom.com/masquer vos coordonnées

  • Liste orange is if you don't want any marketing calls. Marketing

    companies can get your number even if you're on the liste orange, as

    the FT directories can be purchased by anyone. So any person listed there

    is a target. The only guarantee you'll have is that FT will not have

    SOLD your number directly to them...
  • Liste chamois is if you don't want to be listed in the directory (annuaire).
  • Liste

    will do both and also prevent your number being given out by

    directory enquiries. Despite the scary looking advice shown on FT's

    website, it will NOT stop emergency services from contacting you, but

    it will prevent any Joe Bloggs from getting your number "in case of

    emergency". Presumably, anyone you know and trust already has your tel number, so

    choosing not to be listed is the ONLY option to ensure FT does not

    print/publish your contact details, therefore, stopping any marketing

    company from getting hold of them.
  • Secret permanent will stop your number being displayed or redialled from 3131 on all your calls
  • Secret appel par appel will do the same on individual calls..

used to be on liste orange when FT used to charge for liste rouge, then

went on liste rouge when it became free. I have NEVER received any

marketing call.

If you are not with France Telecom, you have to specifically request your tel supplier not to be included in the directory.
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As far as I can remember there is an orange list and a red list.

The orange list means that you are listed (somewhere?) so as not to get cold calls.

The red list is the same as ex-directory in the UK. Either look on the web site or visit your local France Telecom office.

Edit: Claire beat me to it and with a lot more comprehensive reply.

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[quote user="tj"]


We have the same from time to time, I normally tell them they need to speak english, that normally gets rid of them in an instant.


No. What you say is n'quittez pas then put the phone down and go and make a cup of tea. They've normally gone by the time you get back.  [6]

Seriously though, it's worth certainly going on the orange list as this stops those computer generated calls where you answer the phone six times in one day and no one is ever there.[:-))]

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Thanks for the replies.  I could try my 6 words of Welsh!  But I'd rather not get the nuisance calls at all.  When the phone rings I like it to be someone who is known to me.  We have a hyphenated name which we don't usually use and when we got sales calls in the UK people would say is that Mrs H and I'd say 'no' as we use the 2nd name only.  That would confuse them and they'd go away. 

A friend said in the UK they are supposed to ask if it's convenient to talk, he'd remind them of that, then they'd ask and he'd say 'no'';  'when would it be convenient to call?'  'Never!'

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[quote user="Oldie"] Works well and no-one is offended.


Err....yes and no.

So if you're not there someone wastes the cost of a call to find that out. On the other hand they may hear your answer machine cut in and then wonder if you're actually listening to them but have decided that you don't want to talk to them.  [6]

Nasty things these answer machines.

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