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Microsoft Office advice please

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I've just purchased a new laptop, which has Vista. Please can you tell me if I my old Microsoft Office package, which was for my Windows 99 PC (has Word, Excel and Publisher and suits me fine) would be compatible or will I have to splash out on a new package?



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Anna, you mentioned Windows 99, but to my knowledge there hasn't been a Windows 99. 

If you're not sure which Office version you are running, open Word and click on the Help menu, and select About Microsoft Word.  That will give you the version number.

As far as I know, the supported Office versions for Vista are

  • Office 2000 SP3

  • Office 2003 SP3

  • Office 2007

  • Office XP (2002 SP3)

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    Old versions of office usually work without a problem.  You might run into problems when trying to open attachments written on newer versions.  Sometimes the compatability pack for microsoft will help. 

    For a free solution, you could choose star office available from sun or with other goodies from pack.google.com.

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