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Not quite a query on Ch 5 but here goes -

I recently purchased a Humax tv with facility to record progs on DVD - assured this would work off SKY by salesman.

However, when fixed up found unable to record.  On speaking to Humax helpline was informed that recording would not take place on AV - he was most abrupt but muttered something about SKY+  HD or aerial (obviously not aerial in France).   Also on ploughing through booklet found - unable to record analogue or AV. 

Am absolutely ignorant about these things could some kind person educate  me about SKY+ or anything else that would enable me to record SKY progs on to the inbuilt DVD on my new TV.

Have found, with increasing age, that my 14" tvs with inbuilt video recorder are too small too see well, otherwise very happy with them recording off SKY.

Thanks for any help.


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Off to bed now,   but WendyG I will think about it overnight,  if someone else doesn't reply sooner.

At any event,  if the Humax TV has an inbuilt analogue tuner you ought to be able to record stuff by using an "aerial lead" from the Sky box RF out to the aerial in on the TV and tuning one of the analogue TV channels to the Sky output channel.

That's my initial thought but it may be wrong,  and I'll post again tomorrow.   If the Humax is all digital then that won't work,  but surely they still have analogue tuners....?

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Thanks Anton.   That (Neil's attitude) really is taking a stand!

Going onto WendyG,  could she reveal whether the Humax TV is capable of viewing *analogue* channels as well as digital (Freeview/TNT) ones?    If I've understood what youwrote correctly then this should answer the basic question,  although recording from Sky via the analogue tuner is a bit of a lash up.

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I think they were referring to "freesat" in the strict sense of the word.   My "freesat" receiver changed the numbering of my "non freesat service" 3002 (6335,  actually ch 5) to 105 at about 11.45 yesterday.    However,   because it already had a "non-freesat" EPG position of 3002 it failed to put 105 between 104 and 106 until I did a reset.    The freesat box on which I hadn't already added 6335 correctly produced 105 during the morning.

If you see what I mean.....

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