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Over a month ago I rang Sky to cancel my subscription as I don't like golf or football and they have lost motor racing and more importantly motorcycling.

They just don't want you to leave and offered me many options and tried to embarass me into staying by pointing out I was not thinking of the other people that watched TV in my house.

They just didn't want me to cancel so I threw in the deal breaker... I said I was in New Zealand. That seemed to do the trick - they said I was illegal and they would cancel my subscription immediately.

I asked the call centre worker if they cancelled many illegal accounts and she said in 3 years I was only the second.

They said they would write and payments would stop straight away.

Guess what a month later Sky is still working and they took another £47 from my Visa.

So I rang back and suggested that they were cynically not stopping my account and thus taking money that is difficult to stop on a Visa.

This guy said thay would stop Sky immediately and would not refund the last payment as I was accessing illegally. He said I could be fined and that Sky could face a massive fine.

I pointed out that as the Sky fine would be larger if I reported them they may prefer to reimburse me. They refused and we discussed the illegal accessing of Sky they denied it was a big problem and that it was impossible to check every address.

I suggested that they were ignoring the mass illegal use of Sky and they probably ignore multiple accounts on the same Visa account.

Good news Sky reception stopped within an hour and I am saving loads and using a HD freeview plus another european box to get Sky sports in German, thats if I feel the need to watch men in shorts or pink jumpers...

Next I want to annoy my pension fund that has lost 40% of my money in the last year. I thought they were professional - it seems thay are but not in asset management.


Merry Christmas



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[quote user="Dog"]

Good news Sky reception stopped within an hour and I am saving loads and using a HD freeview plus another european box to get Sky sports in German, thats if I feel the need to watch men in shorts or pink jumpers...



whats your setup to receive the german version ?  I've cancelled Sky too  [:D]


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Hi People.

My friend have moved to France in September last year, when we went over to them in August this year they asked me if I would contact Sky for them to cancel their contract, they gave me all the details, bank acc, acc number, etc, when we got home, I telephoned them,what a reception I got from them, could not do this could not do that, then was told it needs to be in writing, when I said I had also posted a letter about it to them, I was them told, it should be ok when we get the letter, my friend told me they had tried to contact Sky by phone, but could not connect with the numbers they had.

Some time after this, I had a call from my friends saying they had had a bill sent to them vie their old English address say they owed, I think it was £29 odd, Jackie gave me her details credit card and asked me to pay this amount for them, again I tried, spoke to a lady, waited a while, she then said, I cannot help you as I need to get into the account, well I said, I need a pass word, ok I will call them and get it, No thats no good I was told as there is no pass word on the account, what can you say, all I wanted to do was pay the balance of the account.



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Can get German Sky Sports with a Metrol digital box that I got with a big dish - they sell them everywhere. Cannot remember where the dish is pointed but the instructions with it tell you where to point the dish to get various countries TV.


Strange thing is the German Sky Sports is often in English.

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Obviously I can't see what channel we're talking about,   but could it be Eurosport Germany rather than Sky Sports?

The cynic in me can't quite believe that Sky have made one of their Sports channels freely available,  but that's not to say it isn't the case.

More details?

Incidentally,   I'm all for people ditching Sky.    We got rid of our Family Bouquet in Feb and haven't really missed anything,   possibly UK Drama,   but that's about all.

Mind you I'm not in the slightest bit interested in sports or the sort of films they make nowadays.   The best of the latter category are always shown FTA sooner or later.

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