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Farewell to Sundayland

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Having lived here in Deux Sèvres for almost eight years, the time has come for us to move on for a new adventure.

First step was to put the house up for sale so a couple of weeks ago, I organised all the diagnostics and briefed our notaire.  Rather than instruct an immo in the first instance, I thought I'd chance my arm and try an advert on trusty leBonCoin.  Within five days, we had three viewings and a sale.  Compromis signed at the notaire's office two days later and we move out in three weeks time.  All our neighbours and friends are astounded that we managed to sell the house so quickly - got to be a record!

We got an excellent price for the house and land and our total selling costs were 15€ for the leBonCoin ad and 500€ for the diagnostics.  No immo involved in the sale, therefore no agent's fees for the buyers to pay so they're chuffed as well.

Our déchetterie is now on red alert for all the hoarded junk lurking in the sous-sol and my mate at the local motorbike shop has offered to bring his van around to help me shift it.  Once that's done, there's just the utilities to cancel then we're on the road.........


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Hey SD, I'm so sorry to hear that you're leaving us, but I send you very best wishes for your next place and hope that the actual move goes smoothly.

Fantastic result there on the house sale; that is truly incredible.

Thank you very much for all the help you've given me.



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