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Orange messagerie

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It is possible to adjust the number you can delete or move etc. If you look towards the bottom of the page you can change the number of messages displayed. I've changed mine from the default, I think, 20 messages to 100. Once you have done this you can put a tick in the box under 'Supprimer' and this should mark all the messages on that list. Once done, you can then click on Supprimer and they should go.

From what you say no more than half a dozen clicks will probably get rid of the lot.

It's quite easy really, so give it a go.

Regards - Tim


P.S. - I should have added that this will move the messages into the Corbeille box and you will probably want to go there to get rid of them. You can repeat the procedure and mark the deletion and you will then be asked if you are sure you want to delete them - just say oui and they will all be gone.

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EDIT posted at same time as Tim.

Are you talking about the undesirable box or the inbox?

Assuming the former, I believe it self deletes after a while, is it 10 days?  But I normally clear mine out every few days, so not sure.

 You can only,  as far as I know delete the content manually 100 at a time.  You just click on the top box and hit supprimer.  However a note of caution, the Orange spam filter is now very good and sometimes is over cautious so it might pay you to look at the E mails as you might find particularly some that are "multi addressee" that are not spam.  You can either put these in your green list or just tell it they are not spam, it normally remembers.

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