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rj11 sockets, plugs, splitters etc

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Has anyone got a source for an RJ11 modular outlet box?

To explain a bit, none of my 'phones use the France Telecom ugly, large plug/socket, it's all RJ11 now.

So I need a cable with an RJ11 male at one end and a box with three or more RJ11 female sockets at the other. Tried looking online but all I can find are suppliers int he USA - who want 50 bucks postage!


Bill [blink]

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>Simon wrote the following post at 23/05/2009 11:11:

>Or there is this if you already have the sockets in place, what are you trying to achieve?

Almost what I want. But if I plug that into my neufbox, it'll block off the adjoining DSL socket.

So I need an extender with a three-way female at one end and a male RJ11 at the other. A metre or so should do it. Still looking.

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Not really, I can run the cables under the floor to the various parts of the living room/reception room where I have a) the DECT phone base b) the answerphone and c) an "ordinary" handset (which has an RJ11 socket on it), which is all I need. I just need an RJ11 splitter to connect to the Neufbox's single RJ11 'phone socket so's I can connect said three devices.

Not sure you understand my needs - I think I need to improve my descriptive skills a bit - I don't need a BT style plug/socket/adaptor at any stage, nor do I want France Telecom style plugs/sockets any more (except the primary master one I need for the ADSL filter) - in fact, this is now the only socket I want in the whole house, so I will be getting around to removing the FT extension sockets in due course - DECT is sooo good - I can have a handset in each room in the house, near enough.

I have found this, now I just need to find one this side of the pond. Then all will be solved.



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