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Channel 4 lost. Help!

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Can anyone help? I've just lost Channel 4 somehow. Screen started to pixillate (as it does when there is a storm about to break). But there is no storm just a lovely evening. I can get all other channels including Channel4 + 1. Don't know what to do, this is the first time this has ever happened under normal weather conditions.[8-)]


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It happened to me too; so you are not alone. There I was trying to watch Sarah Beany when she came over all pixelated and then the picture completely broke up, before freezing totally. As all other channels are behaving normally my OH says it must be something peculiar to CH4.


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I'll try!

Seriously,  some may remember that the BBC DSat's were brought to a shuddering halt a couple of years ago by a diluvian downpour over London which obliterated their uplink.   I believe they now have a reserve west of London to avoid a repeat,  but it shows how vulnerable microwaves are to heavy rain,  no matter how big the dish.....

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